Welcome to Tabakoshi Riverside Dwelling

Tabakoshi Riverside Dwelling is an eco-friendly offbeat homestay in Darjeeling hill station located on the bank of River Rangbang in the village named Tabakoshi. The Homestay is situated in the midst of world famous Darjeeling tea bushes and the lush green landscape which makes it one of the best off beat destinations in the hills of Darjeeling and North Bengal.

Activities in Tabakoshi

Riverside Dwelling Tabakoshi offer wide range of indoor and outdoor activities to choose from ...


With us you can experience the indigenous traditional fishing methods which are natural and eco-friendly

Short trek

This adventurous short trek along the river bank offers ample time to savour the scenic beauty of the valley.

Work in the Farm

While you enjoy a stay close to nature, you can contribute to our small organic horticulture farm

Riverside Camping

The camping by the river side in Tabakoshi is the best way to take rest from the daily routine.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga rejuvenates your tired mind, body and soul. Yoga and meditation by the riverside has charm of its own.

Tabakoshi Bird Watching

Bird watching with us can be as relaxing as a sitting in your yard or as vigorous as a hike in the bushes


Glimpse of The Riverside Dwelling Tabakoshi and the surroundings

The reasons why you should choose Tabakoshi Riverside Dwelling

The best way to experience Darjeeling is to find a homestay

Experiential Tourism

At Tabakoshi, while you enjoy a stay close to nature, you can contribute to our organic horticulture farm and learn organic farming.

Offbeat Location

Riverside Dwelling in Tabakoshi offers privacy while also letting you get the most out of the offbeat location.

un-Hotel experience

We strive to give you an un-Hotel experience to best of our abilities by providing an memorable holiday.

About Riverside Dwelling Tabakoshi

Eco Friendly offbeat Homestay in Darjeeling Hill Station

Tabakoshi is an Offbeat Destination

Riverside Dwelling in Tabakoshi is perfect destination for offbeat holiday seekers who loves unexplored places, more Privacy and don't have to constantly worry about the crowds


Nestled close to the river, Riverside Dwelling Tabakoshi is an eco-friendly homestay in Darjeeling hill situated in the midst of world famous Darjeeling tea bushes and the lush green landscape

Rustic Cottage

Our spacious rustic cottage provides all the comforts and luxuries in a calm and peaceful environment away from the concrete jungle and hustle and bustle of the city.

What Our Guests Say

Great Place!! Run by a family of cute people who are always ready to help and support. Nicely located and nestled close to the river. The food home made and cooked to perfection!!! An overall Grade 5 star!!!

Supreet Raj

The property is really scenic and it's perfect gateway to relax for couple of days. The hospitality and food served was amazing. Beautiful, elegant room with all amenities for a quiet, meditative - away from the crowd.

Nandita Roy

A silent place away from the hustle of the town soul enriching getaway from the urban life.The location is quaint and charming for the eyes and there are options for trekking through the beautiful tea gardens...


More About Tabakoshi...

NJP to Tabakoshi Riverside Dwelling

To our guest who would like to know how to reach Tabakoshi Riverside Dwelling form NJP. The distance from NJP (New Jalpaiguri) to Tabakoshi is 58 km the total estimated travel time is about two and a half (2.5) hours. To reach Tabkoshi from NJP first you need to reach Mirik then from Mirik...

Tabakoshi Homestay

Riveside Dwelling is a homestay in Tabakoshi which is one of the best offbeat destinations in North Bengal in the hills of Darjeeling. The place is about 55km from NJP (New Jalpaiguri) and Bagdogra Siliguri via Mirik. It takes around 2 hours drive from Siliguri to Tabakoshi. Situated in the River Rangbang vally Tabakoshi...

Tabakoshi – offbeat tourist destination in Darjeeling North Bengal

About Tabakoshi  (তাবাকোশী) Tabakoshi  (তাবাকোশী)  is growing as one of the best offbeat tourist destinations in Darjeeling North Bengal.  Tabakoshi is a tea village at an altitude of about 3608 ft. This offbeat place is surroundeds  by several Tea Gardens producing the world famous brand of tea… “The Darjeeling Tea”.  Besides River Rangbhang flowing through the valley enhance...
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