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What Activities to expect in Tabakoshi? Following are some of the Activities at Tabakoshi

Adventure Activities at Tabakoshi are refreshing and experience to have for the life time. We offer our guests at Riverside Dwelling the following activities . 

Tabakoshi Tea Village Walk tea Garden Trails

A short trek or hike to the tea villages of Tabakoshi to see the ways of the people and experience a first hand peek into the homes of the village people is always enriching. You may also want to visit the tea plantation and maybe watch the tea processing in the nearby Tea Factory.

Adventure Activities at Tabakoshi Riverside Dwelling

Riverside Trekking

We organise a short yet thrilling and adventurous Riverside trekking on the bank of the River Rangbang. 

Fishing in Tabakoshi

Angling or fresh water fishing though we only practice catch and release and the catch is not for food.

Tabakoshi River valley Camping

Tabakoshi is most suitable for Riverside Camping. We arrange all the essential materials for Camping like tents, bedding, fire wood and all other camping equipments.

BBQ and Bonfire

We have been providing BBQ and Bonfire to our guests, however, this needs prior intimation which could be done at the time of booking.

Day picnic in the river bank

We arrange a day picnic in the bank of the river Rangbang nearby.

River valley Camping, day picnic in the river bank, BBQ and bonfire in the evening (most importantly all our Bonfires and BBQ are done with collected dead wood and not from trees being cut down.) and Bird Watching, all of which will be organized by the host on prior request. You may choose from the various range of activities mentioned above or just lay back and read a book or paint something.

Self Exploration in Tabakoshi:

Walking is the way of the Hills and it is lovely walking in and around Tabakoshi Rangbang River Valley. An ideal way to slow down and see and soak in the local setting is to experience the hills, tea bushes, fresh water river with not too much traffic on the roads. Driving by car you miss out on the magic of the place.


Please take our phone number in case you should get lost.

Guided tours of Tabakoshi:

We also provide guided tours of Tabakoshi . Our guide will help you find some of the most beautiful, spots tucked away  in secret spaces and provide insights and understanding of the local way of life. The old and ancient tradition of living in harmony with nature, farming and managing . We can arrange a short trek, River bank walk, Fishing, River valley Camping on a set of fee.

Tabakoshi Bird Watching

Tabakoshi offers a good variety of birds and Bird watching is always another option. If you have the Ornithologist in you then this is certainly your paradise.

Tabakoshi Bird Watching

Working in the Farm: Gardening/Getting your hands dirty.

Come experience the fields with us. Dig, Plant, make compost, Milk the cows, feed the goats and enjoy the real life of a farmer.


For those interested in having a Yoga session on the days of your stay, we will provide you an Instruction. Please note that we will need an intimation for the Yoga session at least two weeks in advance.

Come to us we will send you home refreshed, rejuvenated and feeling Wonderful!

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