Bird watching at Tabakoshi Darjeeling North Bengal

Birding or Birdwatching in Darjeeling Tabakoshi North Bengal

Tabakoshi is the right place for Birding or Birdwatching in Darjeeling : Darjeeling is a popular destination for birding or birdwatching enthusiasts. Tabakoshi in North Bengal Darjeeling has established itself as one of the best bird watching or birding destinations / places in West Bengal in the recent past. Birding is one of the best adventure activities that Tabakoshi offers. Birding or, as it’s more commonly known, birdwatching is the observation of birds as recreation spotting different species of birds common and rare.

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Why is Tabakoshi best Birding Destination in West Bengal.

  • Due to its diverse habitats from river to tea bushes to forests it is possible to see wide variety of both land and water birds.
  • Evergreen forests of Tabakoshi are home to some of the most sought after birds.
  • When you are birdwatchig in Tabakoshi you are birding at picturesque destination.
  • According to some of the Bird watchers who have visited Tabakoshi some of the rare birds found in the region.

Some of the Birds Found in Tabakoshi

Best time for Birdwatching in Darjeeling Tabakoshi is

As a rule, the winter months (October/November to February/March) are ideal for birdwatching however Tabakoshi offers bird watching during monsoon as well. Some of the aquatic birds head there just as the monsoon arrives.The dedicated birding enthusiast will find species aplenty even in summer.Similarly, early morning is considered as the best time to see the birds nevertheless, the calmness, quietness, offbeat nature and location of the place offers the opportunity to see the birds throughout the day

We urge our birding Guests at Riverside Dwelling to keep in mind the well being of birds and their habitat when they go birding and maintain distance – and not disturb them.

One of our guests Mr Arupjyoti Moitra wrote us the following :

“I should start my review with the hospitality of Mr. Sanjog, the owner of Riverside Dwelling. This person has never shied away from providing the best of the services, right from getting my tea and guava served on the banks of the river as I was birding, to helping me in carrying my tripod. Such services you can never expect from the best of the hotels or resorts. The food here is awesome. The homestay is located at a very serene place on the banks of the river Rangbhang. The reason I came here is to do some birding, and I can confidently say to all birders that you will not leave this place disappointed. This place has plenty of birds as it is in the midst of tea gardens and beside the river. Thanks to Mr. Sanjog and his wife for making my stay memorable. Hope to visit you again.”

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  1. Arup Thakurta - October 10, 2021 Reply

    I want to visit Tabakoshi riverside dwelling for birding & enjoy the calm & quiet nature. Want to know how can I reach there, rate of stay & food. I may stay there in the 2nd week of Nov’21.

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