River Rangbang in Tabakoshi

River Rangbang the heart of Tabakoshi

River Rangbang

River Rangbang is the perennial himalayan river which flows through the Rangbang valley in Darjeeling North Bengal. Rangbang is the one of the major tributaries of River Balason. Among all the tributaries of Balason river, Rangbang has the highest number of streams with maximum valleys. Rangbang river extends for a length of 17km. The source of the river is roughly 2250 meters high and the rivers ends at 525 metres.

River Rangbang in Tabakoshi
River Rangbang in Tabakoshi

Origin of the River Rangbang

River Rangbang originating in Majua basti below Simanabasti (2299.38m) on the southern extension of the Singalila range flows south-east through reserved forests and a number of tea gardens and meets to Mirik pass over two bridges, one at 1044.85m (Gopaldhara Tea Garden) and the other at 1356.36m (between Siyok and Selimbong Tea Garden). For its picturesque grandeur the Rangbang gorge is a potential tourist attraction.The Rangbang river flows southeast through several tea gardens and reserved forests before meeting the Mirik Pass over two bridges namely the one at 1356.36m (between Siyok and Selimbong Tea Garden) and the other at 1044.85m (Gopaldhara Tea Garden).

Tabakoshi and River Rangbang

The entire Rangbang valley is the tourist destination because of its breathtaking views. Its majestic beauty has drawn tourists in large number for years. One such destination is Tabakoshi in Rangbang valley. Tabakoshi has gotten its name from the river itself.

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