Tabakoshi Offbeat destination or place near Darjeeling in North Bengal.

The word Tabakoshi offbeat destination or place near Darjeeling Bengali তাবাকোশী  Hindi/Nepali तांबाकोसी  derives from two Nepali words Taba and Koshi. Nepali (तांबा) Taba meaning Copper which is a brown red metal and Nepali (कोसी ) Koshi meaning River. Therefore the place Tabakoshi got its name from the River that flows across the place due to its copper brown color.

Tabakoshi offbeat destination or place near Darjeeling

Tabakoshi  Distance and Location

Tabakoshi is an offbeat hamlet consisting of eight Tea Gardens namely Gopaldhara , Siyok, Turzum, Sungma, Chamong, Magarjung, Thurbu and Nagri T.E. Tabakoshi is virgin offbeat destination in Rangbang Valley. The tourist destination is surrounded by green organic tea gardens and virgin forests. River Rangbang flowing across the valley enhances the beauty of the place. Tabakoshi is only 58 kilometers from both NJP railway station and Bagdogra airport and 35 km from Dareeling town. These factors have made Tabakoshi new favourite offbeat destination for both locals and tourists. 

Tabakoshi Height and Temperatures 

Tabakoshi in Rangbang valley is situated at about 1100 meters (3608 ft) from the see level. The Summer temperatures rising up to 24℃. In winters the temperatures might drop down to -1°C. Hence Tabakoshi is pleasant throughout the year for the tourists to visit. You may opt for the Riverside Camping during winters as the whether is dry. During summers you can enjoy the wild water swimming in the river Rangbang.

Current Weather of Tabakoshi

How to reach Tabakoshi

People visiting Tabakoshi either have to come to Siliguri or Darjeeling first. Therefore there are two routs to Tabakoshi firstly from Siliguri secondly from Darjeeling. To know detailed rout kindly read How to reach Tabakoshi? .


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