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The best way to experience Darjeeling is to find a homestay. It’s time we ditch hotels and resorts, and for once look at different kinds of offbeat stays in Darjeeling. Riverside Dwelling Tabakoshi provides experiences that can be cherished lifelong. A vacations that allow insights into life, culture, and traditions of the mountains, hills, rivers and valleys. Relax in the colourful lap of nature.


Since we believe in responsible and responsive Eco tourism we allow you to do volunteer work. While you enjoy a stay close to nature, you can also contribute to our organic horticulture and agricultural farm and learn organic farming and the way of the village.

Tabakoshi Riverside Dwelling offers privacy while also letting you get the most out of the offbeat location. You can also opt for engaging activities like short trek, River bank walk, Village walk, Fishing, River valley Camping, day picnic in the river bank and Bird Watching. All of which will be organized by the host on prior request.

Riverside Dwelling Tabakoshi offbeat eco organic Homestay in Darjeeling near Mirik
Riverside Dwelling Tabakoshi offbeat eco organic Homestay in Darjeeling near Mirik

Riverside Dwelling Tabakoshi is recommended for nature lover, bird watchers, experiential and offbeat travelers to Darjeeling. Also to the people looking to stay away totally from all touristy areas and experience nature at its best in total seclusion. At Tabakoshi Riverside Dwelling, we believe a holiday is not one unless it gives you peace and happiness. We strive to give you an un-Hotel experience to best of our abilities by providing an memorable holiday.

Staying in a Tabakoshi Riverside Dwelling homestay in Darjeeling can offer a unique and authentic experience that is different from staying in a hotel. Here are some reasons why you should consider staying in a homestay in Darjeeling:

Local Experience: Staying in our homestay allows you to experience the local culture, cuisine, and lifestyle of the people in Darjeeling. You can interact with the locals, learn about their traditions and customs, and get a better understanding of the place.

Personalized Service: We offer personalized service and attention that you may not get in a hotel. The hosts are usually friendly and hospitable, and they can offer you insider tips and recommendations for exploring the place.

Cost-effective: Homestays are usually more affordable than hotels, and they offer better value for money. You can get a comfortable and cozy stay at a reasonable price.

Comfortable Accommodation: Riverside offer comfortable and cozy accommodation well-maintained and equipped rooms with modern amenities. You can enjoy the privacy and comfort of a home away from home.

Local Food:  We offer home-cooked meals that are prepared using local ingredients and recipes. You can enjoy the authentic flavors of the local cuisine and get a taste of the local culture.

We offer a unique and enriching experience that is different from staying in a hotel. It allows you to connect with the locals, experience the local culture, and enjoy a comfortable and cozy stay.

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